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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Current Obsession: Topshop

I never really used to fancy Topshop. It was a shop I would pass automatically, even in sale season and if one of my friends wanted to go in there I would usually sigh. It's mostly because I thought it was overpriced and kind of "granny". Don't get me wrong! There was the odd thing I saw that was amazing as I have featured Topshop on my blog many a time but it was always a shop that I didn't get excited about nor went in. Although recently Topshop has been growing on me and for probably for the first time I actually really want to go into Topshop when I go shopping this Thursday (this is mainly becasue I'm buying some jeans I've had my eyes on for quite sometime!). So I scanned the site and found a few things that tickle my fancy!
  1.  Blue duster coat- £89
  2. Stripey crop top- £16
  3. Two-tone dress- £45
  4. Joni jeans (the ones I will be purchasing!)- £38
  5. Choker set- WAS £14 NOW £8
  6. Metallic bag- £12
  7. Dr. Marten dupe shoes (really want these)- £48
  8. Black shorts- £40
  9.  Grey skort- £40
What's your view on Topshop? 

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