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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What have I done this summer?

Don't worry I will be posting my August favourites soon! It's officially Autumn, yay! I also started school again today and it was actually really nice and refreshing to see my classmate again and the friends I didn't get to see in the Summer holiday. The only sad thing is that Summer is now over and i didn't get to do as much thing's as I would liked this summer but it was still pretty awesome! I thought it was the best time to show and tell what I have been up to this summer and if I managed to tick a few things off of my Summer to-do list! Above is the same pictures and there are pink ticks next to the things I have done. I'm happy with the amount I have done and I have definately seen my friends a lot more than any other summer!

Sadly I hadn't been swimming once or gone to the beach which is quite sad. I think my lazy-ness is to blame for not running everyday but I do want to get into that habit as I enjoy running and it's good to stay fit. In my defence I had been going on my cross trainer a lot this summer so that's a start! I don't feel I have been healthier than normal this summer really... I blame the deep fried boost bars they do in Camden! Another sad thing Is not being able to go to music festival but I have many years to come for that! Finally I didn't get my nails done as I found out it does really damage your nails as the thin down and flatten your nail to apply the false nail on but they are so pretty I just can't resist the temptation so I will probably give in soon.

The stuff I have done:
I  have taken a lot more pictures and I think it's great to have loads of pictures to remember things by! I have said yes to a lot more things out of my comfort zone but there are a lot more things I would like to do without denying the opportunity. For example on my friends birthday we decided we would go on one of the pedal-boats which I was fine with as I had been on them before but at last minute she decided she wanted to go on a rowing boat and I was a little terrified! I'm not a great swimmer and even though apparently the water wasn't the deep I was still a bit scared but I lived in the end and I'm so happy I did as it was fun. I just need to stop thinking the worst of situation and not worry about what could happen and just do it! Again with the confidence thing, there is still room for improvement but I'm happy with where I am! Finally I did get a bit of tan as I am darker but next summer I'm aiming for a super awesome one! Here some pictures from my summer:

 The best, I'm sorry!
Jacket- Amazon
Jeans- Daisy street @ ASOS
Phone case- Amazon
How did you spend your summer?

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