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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Current obsesion: Duster Coats

Topshop, £79
I'm loving the duster coats and they have been a massive trend this autumn. It's like, boyfriend coat meets blazer. Duster coats are just awesome to throw over an outfit and are perfect for this awkward transition between Summer to Autumn where it can still be hot but sometimes chilly. Duster coats are quite a thin material (which is why they like blazers) and are long and slouchy but the length really adds to the elegant and smart look. I'm not sure whether these type of coats would suit me but I would love to get one just as they look really comfy and nice to wear. Maybe I need to head down to the nearest shop that sells these wonders and try a few on! I want to try new clothes so maybe these coats are the coat for me! Check out these other duster coats and comment below what you think!

I'm loving grid prints right now and I have always had a soft spot for monochrome. 
Topshop, £79
Little black jacket
£40, Fashion Union
Topshop, £75
 This has to be my favourite coat! Topshop never fail to please me with their range of coats!
Topshop, £85 
Lastly, another orange coat in a more blazer-like style. 
River Island, £55

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