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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Christmas wishlist

Uh, oh it's the C-word. I didn't want to say this word just yet but this is basically my Christmas wish list as I'm getting way to excited about it to soon! We need to have Halloween first and even that's a month away. But hey, a girl can still dream right? I think the main reason why I am starting to talk about  Christmas and making list's is because there are lot of things I want that I a) don't have enough money for and b) My birthday is basically forever away so I'm not going to start talking about that! I am trying to retain my excitement for Christmas as I realise it is very far away but I couldn't help making a lil list of what I want. 

There are only a couple items but some are quite pricey and I know now I won't be getting all of them! Some of them I might just save up for like one of the shoes I found for quite cheap on eBay so I might save up for them or use my Christmas money from grandparents to buy them. I will probably come up with a few more bits and little mini stuff I wouldn't mind having like a nice top or some stickers (Someone times a question how old I am...) but who knows! I'm also looking into getting a Kanken bag (Check out my post on them here) so hey! Also guys, I'm super sorry for not posting for a whole other week! I'm creating a schedule at the moment for when I will post so far it will be every Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday but I'm not sure. Again it's all down to school and it's been super busy but it's not fair to neglect you guys so I promise everything will back to normal ASAP! 

Links and descriptions for the products below.

Velbon DF-61 Tripod- Currys, £29.99 (Really want this so I take outfit pics on my camera!)

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