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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Current obsession: Watermelon stuff

Heyy guys! So I'm back with a new idea for my blog! Every week on a Sunday I thought I would do a post about my current obsession. I think this is a good way for me to show you guys that I like things because I think they are cool n' awesome not just because they are on trend. My current obsession could also be a brand as well but knowing me, it will mainly be clothing items and trends! I think I have actually told you guys before my recent love with watermelon prints. I think it's just so cool and really summer-y and since we are in the last month of summer I want to grip on to the last bits of summer as much as I can! I'm not ready for the cruel September just yet.... Anyway I went deeper into the love of my watermelon trend and found awesome items from highs street brands such as New look which was quite surprising! Including this cute and sweet crop tee that I need:
New look, £5.99 
Speaking of New look check out these other item in their watermelon print:
New look @ ASOS, £14.99
Here are some other AMAZING watermelon merch I found!
 ASOS, £18 
Toooo cuteeeee! 
ROMWE, £10.47
Sheinside, £8.58
You gotta love a bit of American Apparel! 
Speaking of American Apparel, does anybody know where I can get an American Apparel canvas bag (You know, the one you always see on Tumblr) ? They are so nice but I never seem to find them when I go into the store. 
American Apparel @ ASOS, £54.99
I'm getting into the scrunchie trend at the moment and am happy to say I bought my first scrunchies last week! I love them as it's quite hard to find hair bands that can fit all of my hair (especially when my hair is in puffy mode!) and tie it tightly but when I tried the scrunchie it was like hair band heaven!
Topshop, £4
Boohoo, £10 
Lastly, these watermelon socks I would love to add to my socks with food on collection! 
Nasty Gal, £4.67
What do you think of watermelons (I hate the fruit but love the print!)?

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