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Friday, 22 August 2014

Back to school haul

PART TWO. This is the second part of my haul and this includes my back to school items. With less then two weeks until I go back to school I thought it was about time that I go back to school shopping so I did. I needed a lot of stationary as my old pens and stuff I just had to let go as they couldn't hold on much longer!  I got these items for a good deal I think as I didn't want to spend too much on one items as I had quite a lot to get. This school year is a very important year so I want to be very organized! I got some really cute stuff and I also got my school bag which is the coolest thing EVER (sorry Mi Pac...). I really wanted to get something that stood out as was quite unique like me, I kid, kid. But seriously, it is my favorite school bag I have ever had and I hope I just hope it last. I hope you guys enjoy this haul as it is a bit different to what I normally post but I thought i would get into the Back to school spirit! Well if there is such thing anyway....

Lets start of with something not that amazing: these two mini selotapes which will come very handy! 
Tiger, 50p (Each) 
I just had to! Guys, it's a pencil case.... With a pencil sharpener lid omg
Tiger, £3 
Being organized doesn't have to be boring. Isn't this folder so cute???
Tiger, £1
I got the cute rainbow notebook to write notes in style with as it's cute and mini. 
Smiggle is bae and I really wanted one of these multi colour pens. . 
The blue pen I got as it's a nice, flow y gel pen which can be my writing pen.
Notebook- Paperchase, £2.35
Quad Pen, Smiggle, £2
Blue gel pen, Smiggle, £2
I wanted some fineliners as they make marking fun (and there cheaper then gel pens!) and these where super cheap so they had to mine! 
Tiger, £1
when school gets boring playing cards are needed!
Tiger, £1
 The aqua pen is amazing and the best gel pen ever! I really recomend. Another pen I would recommend is the Uni-ball pen I also bought. Really great and last quite long.
Aqua gel pen- Paperchase, £2.20 
Uni ball pen- £2
Awesome pen- Paperchase, £1
 So bag look a lil deformed but you get the gist. I think it's so fun and really unique! My friends say when they look at this bag it feels like they tripped in acid, not sure to take that as a complement or not...
I have always liked Hype and I think overall they are super crazy and fun! 
Hype, £24.99

That's my haul over! Have you got your back to school shop get?

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