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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

July haul

I got a haul for you guys because I know I haven't done one in quite a while. This is what I have purchased throughout this month at different times so it's more of a collective haul. It is quite an awesome haul though and got some awesome summer essentials! I can't wait to wear them in the summer holidays! Also as a sort of update I was thinking of doing favourite style post's at the end of each month and just talk about the products I've liked and used that month. I think it would be quite a good idea as, personally I love seeing what peoples fave products are as it quite cool to see what they used and also to see how good certain products are. I would include not just clothes but beauty products, maybe a song or CD , an app, anything really that I have really used that month that is awesome and I would recommend to everyone to use. Comment on this post if you think that would be amazeboz (I haven't used that word in ages!) and I might just do a favourite post at the end of this month and tell me what you think and if they should continue :) Okay, lets crack on with this haul!

First I had to start with this awesome *Garmsby jumper that the lovely peeps at Garmsby kindly gave me. 
Garmsby, £25
I just had to... I'm sorry! Plus only £1 for BURGER socks, wouldn't you be cray cray not to get 2!? 
Primark, WAS £2 NOW £1
Finally got myself a halter crop top guys, woo! 
River island, WAS £12 NOW £5 
I got this really cool, grey and grainy jumper perfect for chilly summer nights from the great River Island sale (It's literally amazing, I could of spent so much more!) 
River Island, WAS £22 NOW £10
Got this awesome bargain of a playsuit in Primark. It's a really nice breezy, satin material (if that makes sense...) and I just think it's a really fun print!
Primark, £5 (I know, I screamed to) 
I got this awesome vintage backpack in a white faux leather which I'm determined not to ruin. I just love it so much but the picture doesn't give it much justice! I was wearing in my last outfit post and I brought for my adventures which I will be having this summer!
Primark, £9
I finally got something from a charity that is cool! Yep I got me a Hollister shirt for £6.99! OH MY GOODNESS 
This is just amazing. I was totally in love with the monochrome check trend but never got anything in the print. Until I found this Peter Pan collar beauty and I just knew it was mine. I'm still trying to determine on weather it's black or navy but who cares because I luv it! 
Bank, £10 (Was on sale but don't know original price) 
I got the white, double strap Birkenstock dupes which are actually really comfy and I will be wearing these quite a lot this summer! 
Primark, £5 
Okay so you guys are probably thinking I'm going crazy for including water in a haul but this isn't any water, this is Norwegian water that comes in a glass bottle! After seeing this on my Tumblr dash I instantly fell in love and then when I saw a girl in my class with one I was like oh my gawd it's Voss (Which I now stalk on twitter by the way) so I went to Tesco and spent quite a lot of money  on some water that I like to call hipster juice... I'm not just saying this but this is the best water I have EVER had!
Tesco, £1.42 
I brought this awesome necklace because it reminded me of the amazing Shop Dixi one which I loved! It just has a gypsy/travaller look about it, very fun and festival-y! 
Primark, £5

I have nothing to say about these mum jeans except this: I can't WAIT to style these! 
Daisy street @ ASOS, WAS £34.99 NOW £17 
What your fave item of this haul then? 

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