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Sunday, 27 July 2014

July favourites

So I said I would give this whole favourites thing a try so here goes! I don't really have a system like my top beauty product or my top app but I think I will make it a limit of 10 products/things. Some of the products and things in this post are new or some you have seen before on this blog but I will give a description and why I luv it! Comment below if you want me to carry on this favourite series and what you liked about the post. I hope this helps you with what you could use next time and if my opinions guide to get a product that even better than the one you use!

Lets start off with my ultimate fave of this month! When I first heard Kim Kardashian was realising a game (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood)  I found it quite funny and kind of weird but then when I got my new phone I thought I would give it a try and I'm so happy I did! I'm obsessed with it and I just love it. I would recommend the game to everyone and would defo give it a 5/5! Yep, check me out, I'm an A-list celeb now!
FREE on the Google play store and Apple app store 
All I can say is once you go Voss you can't go back! 
Available at Tesco for £1.42 
I love these shorts! I have worn hem so much and whenever it's hot out I just throw on these and I'm out the door! 
Levi, £49 
Another thing I have worn a lot is my beloved cami top. I know cami tops are slowly fading out now but I still have a lot of love for mine and I have worn it too many times this month! 
H&M, £7.99
1 of my favourite hair products that I have used this month is this amazing de-tangling spray by Avon. It's really good and keeps my hair really smooth. Plus it smells really good. 
Avon, £1.99
I absolutely Avon's skin so soft range and then I found this cream. It moisturising body cream sunflower oil and a bronzer! It's meant to enhance your skin tone (I got it for medium skin which is very true to my skin tone)  and give a natural glow. I love it so much as it makes me look like I have a wicked tan! 
Avon, £4.99 
Well this is embarrassing. PLEASE ignore my cracked nail polish! I listen to music quite a lot of time (Gosh I sound so anti....) and so I need earphones that are comfy, have great quality of sound and are fun, these earphones are exactly that! The majority of my music has a lot of bass (what can I say, I love me some House music!) and these are great for that plus they really block out the sound around me.
Jivo Jellies, £?? (Not sure as they were a gift)
The final beauty product is also by Avon and also a hair product. It's an amazing conditioner for your hair that you leave in. Again, this makes my hair really smooth but also manageable (it also smells so good) and it makes it a lot easier for me to style.
Avon, £2.99
*The choker looks really stretched because I just tried to pull it over my hair when it was out and it was not a good idea. I'm in love with this choker trend some much that I actually bagged myself another one last week. Isn't it so cute with the little daisy on it? I love it <3 <3 But my favourite would have to be my "tattoo" choker which I bought in May and I have been wearing everyday since June (I hide every time the head teacher comes around) . It just makes a boring outfit look cool. I actually got it because one of my favourite bloggers had it and I made eBay just so I could by it!
Tattoo choker: eBay, £2.70
Daisy charm choker- eBay, £2.19 
I also brought this back in May as I'm a proud Simmer but I had a little break from Sims because I just didn't have the time to play it but since the Summer hols: Hello Sims! I have been playing it so much and I'm really happy I have the expansion because apart from the other awesome-ness of the game, you can make mermaids. And I lovvveeeee mermaid ;)
Amazon, £15.09 (It was on sale from about £22 to £12.99 when I bought it but this is still a great deal!)

Oliver Heldens ft Becky Hill- Gecko
Katy Perry- Birthday
Arctic Monkeys- Knee socks  

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