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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I have aqua hair now

Bleach aquamonious colour kit- Boots, £7
Bblonde powder bleach-  Superdrug, £3.99
Bblonde cream peroxide- Superdrug, £2.99 
So the title kinda gives the post away as you would guess! Today was the day I finally dyed my hair properly by actually bleaching it first. I was really surprised about how fast it bleached my hair. I had it on for about 20 minutes and I was a warm/ dark blonde! I have some process pictures and it's crazy that my hair can go from basically black (I try to tell people it's just really dark brown but they never believe me! Trust me it isn't black, near black but not black yet....) to blonde. It could of gone lighter but I was scared my hair was going to fall out so I just washed it out! I then applied the "Washed up mermaid" and little bits of "Blullini" as the bottles are so small It couldn't cover the segment of hair I was dying. I think next time I will just get one bottle but it was just to hard to choose between the two blues! I don't think I will use "Sea Punk" as I;m not sure if green will suit me but, you never know. Overall I'm really happy with my hair. I think it looks awesome. I have never really been happy as such with my hair because it's just so hard to maintain as it's so thick but I really have learn to love it (Why am I so cheesy!?) and I'm currently in luv with it now it has a bit of colour! Check out the process pics and tell me if you love it!

Hair is super wild in this pic (even my big phone couldn't get all of my hair!) as I just brushed it all through. 
My hair looks really ugly and scraggly in this pic but this is what my hair looked like as I was about to wash out the bleach. Can you believe how blonde it is! I was actually tempted to leave it like that at the bottom :D 
I tied my hair up  to the point I wanted it to be dyed so I didn't accidentally go to high/low on one side.  

I can't believe I have uploaded the second on my blog! But never mind, let me just think I'm cool for a little while guys. The glasses are actually but you will now more about that in tomorows post! So what do you think? I really like it. It look a little bit brighter in real life though. I think next time I will do it slightly higher but I think it has turned out well :) 
Too many selfies in one post! In this picture it look more true to how it is in real life. 
Jumpsuit- Primark
Shoes- Vans 
Sunglasses- Hannah makes things
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  1. Wow Chloe your hair looks so lovely... you look so pretty.... And i also loved the jumpsuit :D

  2. Oh thank you! Yeah, I love the playsuit, it was on £5 from Primark!
    Chloe x x

  3. You look hella cute! There's nothing like a good ombre hair in pretty colors to liven up your mood, and your curls look so pretty!

    Thrift Shop Blues

    1. Thank you! Yeah a little ombre never hurt anybody, that's what I say! Ah, thank you very much :) Great blog I already follow!
      Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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