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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Creator of the animal hood, Merrimaking

Tell me you know Merrimaking! You know those two uni students (Meg and Harri) who originally made awesome fury animal hoods but now do clothes, bags and jewelry? Well if you don't know Merrimaking then carry on reading! Merrimaking was made in 2009 after two friends who made animal hoods for friends to wear to parties and festivals decided to take it one step further and make a website. Now they have come so far and have even been featured in Vogue and soled in Selfridges, London. They do amazing products from watermelon bumbags to lion teeth necklaces! I would say they are a very fun and quirky brand that everyone has to know about. One of my favourite independent UK brand, just so cool and festival forward! I selected my fave items from the website and thought I would show you them, check out  on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter ;)

Yep, they have a top that look like cake! 
This is just so cute and cool and I'm currently trying to build up a bracelet collection so this is perfect! 
Ever since Drunk in love I'm kinda obsessed with watermelons! 
Merrimaking, £20 
This bag is soooooo cool *starts to dribble. 
Tie-dye is always awesome, especially on a jumper. 
Wicked top, wicked hair. 
Simple but effective! 
So there you have it! My favourite pieces from the awesome Merrimaking! Make sure you check em' out ;)
What's your favourite piece?

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