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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Birkenstock trend

When I first heard about the slip on shoe trend I wasn't to sure about it as some of the pictures I saw it just looked like they left the house with there granddads slippers on. But then I started seeing my fave bloggers were adapting this trend there way and saw that Birkenstock's actually look pretty good.?I even saw my drama teacher rocking a pair of red, one strap Birks yesterday. I am a big fan of the double strapped ones though as I feel they look more structured and and the more buckles the better! That being said, the one strap Birks look good and simple yet effective! Since my birthday just passed if I do get a pair of these shoes it will have to be out of my pocket but hopefully the summer sales with help me out! I am tempted to go into Primark and get some Birkenstock dupes but... I'm not sure. Are you loving the Birkenstock trend, or is it not for you? It took me a while but I'm loving them now and I'm just imagining my stripy top, high-waisted jeans and some white Birks. Ah is imagination great... I have selected a few favorite Birks of mine!

Of course first up are these white, double strap Birkenstocks. These are my dream pair. 
Amazon, £23.90 to £60 depending on size
Surprise, surprise, another pair of double straps! I love these ones in a khaki/army green. 
Birkenstock @ Schuh, £50
 I just love this pop of pink! Super summer-y. 
Birkenstock @ Office, £39.95
Another white pair but this time with one strap. I think I do prefer the white, double strap but this are still lush! 
Amazon, £27.99 
Which are your favorite pair?


  1. Beta Chloe, dunno if you know but Birkenstock also make same sandals under the name of papillo and they're often 1/2 the price.!362350011%2Cn%3A1769609031%2Cn%3A1769798031%2Ck%3APapillo+5

  2. That was meant to say HEYA Chloe, argh!

  3. Awesome. I didn't know that! I will check the link out, thanks :)
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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