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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


This is the first post tagged with Summer hols as it officially began on Monday! Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been recovering for a horrible flu since Thursday evening (It was horrible). I feel like I have probably only posted like twice in July! So I don't talk about beauty much on my blog, it's quite rare, but this I HAD to talk about. You guys probably don't know but I have wanted to dye my hair for ages now! I did dye my hair a dark purple near the beginning of this year but I didn't bleach my hair first so it only had a tinge of purple once it was in the light. So that failed badly.

I heard of a brand called Bleach which do the coolest colours EVER and are a lot cheaper than other leading brands. I heard about Bleach through reading some of my favourite blogs and from what I have seen it dyes hair really well and last quite long. It is semi-permanent which is great because were not aloud to dye hair in school (Don't even ask why, my friend was literally getting stalked by our head teacher to remove her dip-dyed aqua hair!)so it will fade out before I go back to school if I do it soon. I was looking at the bright/ light blue-ish colours because I think aqua hair is like the best besides pastel hair! After browsing their amazing colours I really couldn't decide what colour I wanted out of "Washed up mermaid" or "Blullini" which are the colours below:
Both perfect. 
So this is what I got: 

I got the set! When I went onto the second page I saw they had mini sets and its so awesome that it included the two colours I couldn't choose between! I'm not really sure I like Sea Punk as green not really my thang but it does look nicer on hair than in the bottle! So I really happy and excited for it to come! They look so cute! I'm thinking of maybe mixing the two blues or added all of the colours in layers so it's like mermaid hair.  Oh guys this is gonna look so cool! 
Now what I need to buy is some bleach as I want to dye my hair and for it to actually work this time. If you have any recommendations than please comment below! I'm looking for some cheap hair bleach that does the trick and that I could purchase in Boots or Superdrugs. 
Another issue for me is that I was worrying about what it would look like with curly hair but after looking on Tumblr and Google images my mind is at ease. These are my favourite ones of blue/aqua/green dye in curly hair:
This is most like the "Blullini" colour and I really like it. 

This exactly how I imagined and want my hair to be like! It was quite hard to find pictures of curly hair like mine in this colour but I'm glad I found this one as it is perfect! LUV IT!
Know any good n' cheap hair bleach? Comment below! 


  1. Bbs, the brand of hair dye you have got sells bleach :) Xx

  2. I know but I wanted to find one cheaper. I'm on a bit of a budget here!
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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