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Saturday, 28 June 2014

You must of heard of UNIF

Okay, so I admit I didn't hear about UNIF until a couple weeks ago but like everyone knows them! They are a really cool, quirky brand which I think is a mixture of Shop Jeen and Nasty Gal. I think Nasty gal actually sells UNIF,but I'm not sure! Yep, there really that awesome. They don't do thing everyone will love but I find them amazing. The only reason my wardrobe is not full of stuff by them is because there a little bit pricey and I'm a little poor! Kidding but they are out of my price zone (I am only a student!). Sadly for me, they are an American brand so hello expensive shipping for! I just think their clothes are just too cool and really fun.Maybe next birthday Chloe, maybe next birthday....

I have wanted a wrap skirt for ages but a holographic one, yes please!
Imagine everything in your wardrobe paired with this! I can. Isn't it super vintage-looking???
Get ready to rock that logo XD
I can never get enough of those varsity/baseball style tops. Tie-dye has always been a love of mine so this was practically made for me!
I don't what it is but I just love this dress...
This is just awesome. And anyone who disagrees is lying! Imagine being on a beach and throwing this over your bikini... You would be the coolest chic on the beach. 
I would LIVE in this top! If only it was mine... 

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