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Monday, 16 June 2014

Vintage backpacks, not just for a festival

I'm so sorry I haven't post for so long! I have been busy with projects and test and a lot of thing were going on but don't worry, I will be a good blogger again! So we all love vintage backpacks right? I just love them because the shape is cool and there are some really cool prints. Normally when you associate rucksacks or backpacks you either think school or gym but vintage backpacks, I feel give a different vibe. They look sophisticated and cool but also adult and hippy like. Don't know how they all mix but they do! I love the one above which will be later in the post. So paisley isn't really in this summer and was more of a Autumn trend but this bag is just lovely! Also guys some major news: my birthday is in 7 days (exactly a week away, I know I screamed to!) and I'm prepping for it it this week. You don't know how many different spot product I have used recently! I might even do a post on my favorite spot product as spots are a pain but I'm lucky enough to get the odd one (or 2). Most of them are by Avon because there spot stuff is amazing.
Okay, ready to be amazed by backpacks?

I love these bags. One is floral quite classy and pretty (Don't forget practical for everyday use!) 
but the other one is funky, fun and festival ready. 
Both £37 from Accessorize

Claire's accessories
I just love this backpack because it looks so nice! Something you would find in Topshop but not for the Topshop price! Even though this would never last for me as it would never be clean nor stay white I still love it. 
 This one is really cute and peach is another colour I'm in love with at the moment and with this price I could defo see this on my back. 

 Doesn't this look slightly Hawaiian? 
Oh I just love it! The pastel pink is THE colour and it just makes the bag so feminine and I love all of the straps. Looks like just the right size. 
Who doesn't love a bag covered in pineapples!? 

Finally, we have this super cute one from Boohoo! Probably my favourtie out of them all. I love the exotic look given by the flowers and the pineapples just tops it off (Sorry I just really like pineapples...) Greeeeaaaaaatttt, luv it. 

6 days people!

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