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Friday, 20 June 2014

Nike Roshe Run dream list

A little bit off topic but I haven't done an outfit post for ages... I do actually have some pictures so maybe I will post an outfit post sooner than you think.... Guys my birthday is a approaching, just three days until the big day! Woo, you don't know how excited I am. It's actually weird to think that I done my birthday post basically a year ago as it feels like it was only a couple months ago! This year is just moving to fast guys, to fast. You are all probably sick of wish list now. So to liven things up I thought I would call it a dream list which is not that different to a wish list post (There exactly the same) of the BEST SHOES IN THE UNIVERSE (besides Vans and Timberland's). Yes I'm talking about Nike Roshe Runs. Aren't they just perfect? They may not be every ones cup of tea but they are definitely mine! They are also very trendy at the moment and they are the perfect shoe you can dress up and down. Smart or Casual, anything goes with a pair of Roshes. Which is unlike most trainers. They are also meant to be very light weight which is great because nobody likes a heavy shoe and they come in great designs, Nike at it's best. Wait and see what I have found!

First off are these awesome blue and grey pairs of Nike Roshe's, really loving these
Nike @ JD, £70
I have had my eye one these for ages. I just love the pastel, candy colours on the shoes. 
Nike @ Office, £69.99
Call me boring but I really liked the black and white Roshe's so when I saw that they had an ombre a style version I was in dream land. 
Nike @ Office, £71.99
These are the awesome shoes from the top of the post. I just love the mix of caramel, blue and white. Isn't genius? And they you have to different types of floral that you think would clash but they don't! Oh.My.Gawd. I just love them. 
Nike X Liberty, £75 
My favourite out of them all. Another piece from one of the best collaboration yet! If I got these for my birthday I would one happy gal.
Which was your fave shoe?

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