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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My Boohoo festival edit OMG!

Guys I actually hate tests. Like seriously, I do. I had 3 today (including my English which was a total nightmare) but luckily It's Wednesday which means I have art and also means I only have one test throughout the whole day. Wicked right!? Sorry guys but there won't be much writing in this post because revision and all but I just had to post about Boohoo's festival collection because it is amazing and I love it! Also guys I am sad to say that the "I want"  posts will be discontinued after the one tomorrow for reason which I will put in that post. I know, I'm really sorry guys. I have failed you again! If you have any suggestion for a post you would like me to do every week then comment below :)
Sorry for lack of writing guys, to make up look what I have made for you guys, an edit!

 JUST LOVE THIS. First saw a cropped hoodie (actually in Mint) in American Apparel and now I'm in love with them. Boohoo, £10
 (Kimono) £18
Always need a pair of cut-out shoes! £25
 It has tassels... £18
(kimono) £20 
What was your favourite piece?

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Thanks bruh... XD

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