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Monday, 23 June 2014

It's my birthday OMG! ft Cody Wise- It's my birthday
Today I am older than I have ever been! Exciting! My birthday has just been such an amazing day and even though I had to go to school it was still great. I was actually so happy as a girl in my class got the class to sign a birthday card for me which I thought was really special (even though I knew it was happening). I got so many presents I am thank full for and this day could not of been better. Especially because I got to watch The fault in our stars which I LOVE! I know I'm a bit late but it was worth the wait. I watched with my mum and we both (especially me) were crying especially towards the last 20 minutes of the movie. Birthdays are the best! Are you ready to see my birthday haul? I will be posting my outfit in another post probably tomorrow :)
Ps sorry if you hate this song but come on, I just had to!

I was really happy to receive this! It's the Samsung Galaxy Note.
Seems like my dream list came true! My awesome brother got me these Nike Roshe runs for my birthday. I'm going to wear these soo much!
Nike X Liberty Roshe runs @ Liberty
I am proud to say I now own a kimono! Hallelujah! Finally :D I just love it. Isn't it perf?
I also got these really cool rings for my birthday which I love because I'm really starting to get back into rings lately... My mum also painted (ad bedazzled!) my nails. 
Wrap around ring- New look
Stone ring- Claire's accessories
 I got these stripey, baggy, boy-friend tee which I think is a must have this Summer! I'm just imagining all the things I can pair it with!
I got this really cool tassel top which Is just awesome. Imagine these with my Levi denim shorts, perfection! 
I just love this drop waist, coral dress! 
Got me some stone-wash, denim runner short. 
Brookhaven @ JD

1. Bracelets (was a set of 3 but I'm wearing one!)- H&M
2. Lotion- Avon 
3. Eyeliner pencil- Avon 
4. Hair chalk in blue- Body Shop
Lip gloss- Avon 
Guess who got a cropped hoodie in mint (the photo doesn't do the colour much justice...)! Me. 
I got American Apparel dupe from H&M 
Isn't this the best crop top ever?! 
It's pastel pink with muscle top sleeves and unicorns on it. If someone can find a better crop top, tell me!
I got this really cute door hanger but I'm not sure where it's from :( 
Finally I got the Vans I wanted! I just love them, they are so pretty and feminine.
Mind my knee! 
Vans @ T.K.Maxx
I would just like to thank everyone again for the gifts and cards and love I received today :)


  1. Looks like you had a great birthday Chloe! I have roshe runs too and they are very comfy!

  2. Yeah, it was great! They are very comfy and so light aren't they?
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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