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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Birthday wishlist

It is exactly 1 week and 5 days till my birthday! I'm so excited (the excitement came a little later this year, I think this comes with age...) and now I think about it there is a lot more things I want then what I put on the list. Sadly I'm not having a party this year but hopefully my birthday will be just as awesome as last year. The main things I want for my birthday are clothes because, hello clothes are awesome and as I browse the web more I found so many more things that I want! So don't be surprised when you see this list and there is like one item not related to fashion! Guys, don't you just love this necklace? I have been loving this necklace for over this  for months now and I love it. It's just the price that's holding me back but I would actually wear it everywhere if  it was mine! It's one of those things that you love or hate, there is no in between. I'm just a sucker for big, statement necklaces and this is just that!

So this is just a little (in my head anyway) list and I probably wont get everything on it but can a girl not dream!
1. Daisy choker: eBay, £4.99 
I absolutely adore this. It's just so pretty and just easy to slip on. Daisies are just an awesome trend and I really want to build up my collection. 

2. Fuji film Instax mini 8: Fuji film @ Amazon, £51

I just think these are so cool and I have wanted a Polaroid/Polaroid style camera for ages and when I saw these advertise in all the cute and pastel colours I just had to get one! I was discussing this with my friend today and she said it may not really be worth it because the film is so much (£8) for so little (I think its about 10 pictures per film) so this may need to be taken from my list! I still think they are nice though.

3. Broadway Express nails: Superdrugs, £5.99 
I saw these advertised a couple weeks ago and though they were really cool as there hassle free, no glue involved! They also last up to a week! But the downside is that I'm not a massive fan of the more squared shaped fake nails and do want to get acrylics nails done a little bit before my birthday.

4. 9 pcs midi ring set: eBay, £0.99 
So cheap and so pretty! 

5.  American Apparel cropped hoodie: American Apparel, £38
This was the first ever cropped hoodie I saw and I just loved it. I went into American apparel when I spotted this and just had to try it on, don't you just love the colour too? I could just pair it with quite a lot. It's so warm as well so it's perfect for the chilly summer days ( we get a lot of those in England!) Now there are cropped hoodies I spotted in Boohoo for £10 but I'm just in love with this pastel colour which I can't seem to find anywhere else. If you find some cheap and nice hoodies, tell me!

6. Black and white New Balance trainers: New Balance @ Schuh, £65

I spotted these on Tumblr and I just thought they were very nice. They are quite easy to pair up with any outfit and are just some nice casual shoes that you don't mind getting a little bit dirty. Perfect for days in the park. 

7. Nike Roshe runs: Nike @ Office, £69.99
I have loved these shoes for ages and initially wanted them for P.E but they are to cool to wear to P.E! Recently I have been seeing loads of people in them and keep on nudging my mum to show her. There are some subtle hints going on there.... 

8. Daisy print Vans: Vans @ Schuh, £52
Okay shoes can't get any better than this. They are slip on so there is no hassle of tying shoes laces (I didn't realise how lazy that would sound!), There are some words on it, It's black and white AND to to put the icing on the cake (That's a saying right?) it has daisies on it! You do not know how much I would wear these!

9. Silver necklace: Shop Dixi, £38
I think I expressed my love well in the begging of the post! It's just so pretty and perf <3 <3 <3

10. Sims 3 Into the future: Amazon, £16.49 
I mean come on! It's discounted by so much plus it's limited edition. When this first came out I knew it was the expansion pack for me! It looks awesome. Who doesn't love a good game of Sims 3?

Lastly, vouchers
Instead of getting money I think I would prefer to just get vouchers because shopping is just awesome and it's more fun that way! The top shops I want to get voucher for are: 
New look
12 more days people!

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