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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bikini guide OMG!

It's June which means it's Summer which means it swimwear time. I though since England is having a mini heatwave at the moment it would be perfect time to post about swimwear items. In this post I will be taking you through the best types of bikinis there are but in my next post I will show you the best swimming costumes out there (maybe a one about cover ups too!). Don't you just love that bikini above? I'm a real sucker for high-waisted bikini's right now as there perfect when you have a lil bit of a belly or if you don't want to show to much skin but still want to rock out a bikini . They are super flattering and just look great! Click ahead to find the top 3 bikinis compatible with any shape or size and where to get the beauts bikini above from.

The frilly bikini
This is just a really girl and cute bikini that's easy to mix and match. 
 I just love this moon and star bikini! It just looks so vintage and looks like a bikini you would see on the dashboard of you Tumblr. 
Top: Motel rocks, £18 
Bottoms: Sold out but you could just pair with some plain black bottoms. 
I love this little frilly number from Topshop also. Gingham is a summer trend everyone one must follow this year! 
Topshop, £36
This just looks so pretty and really simple and nice. White is the colour of Summer this year and with the pink, you are going for a super girly look. 
Topshop, £30

Top: Forever 21, £12.75
Bottoms: £10.65

Bandeau style
Simple but effective.... (cheaper too)
I love this as it looks so tropical! Sorry the image is not the best quality, Forever 21 have changed the way they format their pics on their website
Top: Forever 21, £10.65 
Bottoms: £8.40
If you are bit worried of a fatal and totally embarrassing um... slip then don't worry as this has strap for extra protection! 
Top: Forever 21, £10.65
Bottoms: £8.90
Top: River Island £14 
Bottoms :£10 
Iv'e always had a soft spot for mesh! 
Triangl, $89 
Leather look for that classy look.
Triangl, $89 

High-waisted style
Perfect and flattering. Does wonders for your tummy.

*All £39 for a set from Motel rocks
 I just love this. I just reminds me of like Greece because of the pattern. It looks almost like a mosaic pattern. I just love! I mean you know me and tassels!
Topshop, £36
 This is just super pretty and floral, isn't it? you could wear the bikini top as a bra let with some high waisted shorts! Hello? That so festival! But as a bikini this is wonderful and I guarantee some looks at the beach with this wonder. (They also have running-style shorts in this pattern so the bralet look can defo happen!)
Top: River island,  £20
Bottom: £14
Minimal belly show and a fabulous pattern. You can eat all the ice cream at the beach and no one will know!
Top: River island, 12
Bottom: £18
Just. So. Floral.
Top: Forever 21, £13.90
Bottom: £12.14
What was your favourite bikini?


  1. Great list! I love the florals and frilly styles:) my favourite is probably the pink one from topshop :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  2. Thank you. Yeah, who doesn't love some fun florals!? Great blog, I love it!
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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