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Sunday, 25 May 2014

More shorts please OMG!

Topshop, £38
Maybe I'm getting a bit carried away with this whole Summer thing but it's nearly summer guys... There is like 6 days left of spring, right? Plus it's like less than a month until my birthday! Anyway, Summer is near so it's time to start transitioning between your jeans and leggings to your vests and shorts. Which is why I made this post! So I could show all the best shorts out there this summer. Seriously though guys, I found some awesome shorts! The majority of them are high-waisted because, you know the higher the better! I found some amazing birght and floral (as you can see from the picture above!) and I want to buy and marry all of them. Okay, a bit extreme there.... So have any of you guys been craving crotchet shorts recently? I REALLY want a pair... *Adds crotchet shorts to birthday wish list.*

 I'm in utter love with these. Some one buy them for me. Topshop, £38
 So bleached........ So amazing.....Forever 21, £15
All I see is colours! Fashion Union, £12.60
Everyone needs a basic pair of acid-washed shorts (high-waisted preferably!)
Forever 21, £13.50
 Checks are my babes this Summer. I love them! And you know me and monochrome have special bond :) #checks are bae
Motel Rocks, £35
 Love em! Forever 21, £11.60
H&M, £12.99
It  has multiple yin and yang's on it! And chains and flowers. where these not made for me?
Topshop, £32
And finally these beauties. Hello, there crotchet!Just love em. I could wear them every day
 Forever 21, £14.75

Which were your fav pair?

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