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Monday, 5 May 2014

May haul OMG!

Omg! Look it's a haul post! It's about time, right? I haven't done a haul post in yonks. I think it's been about a month. Well I know is the last haul post was the Lewisham haul I need to do another one! My weekend away was totally awesome, I stayed over at my Dads friends house in the countryside and it was great. I took a lot of pics so I will show you those in another post. On Wednesday/Thursday I will post about one of my outfits from my bank holiday weekend away (there was two outfits but I took a pic of one of them, sorry) so also look out for that. That post will include pics from my holiday as well. Back to the haul, most of the stuff was brought near the end of April but some in May so lets just call it a may haul, yeah? I'm really upset that my dungarees didn't fit as they looked so cool but since sending the back would cost me a FORTUNE I'm gonna try and sell it to a friend for a reasonable price. Sad times. Anyway read ahead to see what in this haul post guys! :3

 First off are these really cute frilly, pastel socks. 
Primark, £2 
Next is this really cool, vintage Transformers top which was given to me :) 
I got these summery and awesome nail decals! 
Avon, £2 (I think) 
YAY! I got midi rings! 
Midi ring set: Primark, £2
Silver bow ring- New look, £2
I got a denim jacket! Can I say whoop, whoop....... No? Okay. I wont say that again! 
Vintage, £? 
I'm kind of addicted to Sims so I got this.... Was on sale of course though guys, don't worry! 
Can't wait to play! 
Amazon, WAS £25.99 NOW £11.40 
I love this nail polish! Another Avon product and it's perfect!  It's a aqua colour with glitter in it. I know it, awesome right!?
Avon, WAS £6 NOW £3.50 
I also got a bottle of Avons NEW  Gel nail polish (Which I will do a review of soon) but I cant find it! 
Again, sad times :( 
Yep, I did i! I FINALLY have a flower crown! You do not know how happy I am. I love the colour and the price was super cheap! 
Idle Hands, £6 (But with a discount code, £4.80!) 
I got an awesome choker necklace! Lydia (from Fashion Influx) was my inspiration to get one! 
Plus they're just awesome. 
eBay, £2.75 
This was mainly a accessories and beauty haul but I hope still enjoyed!


  1. where are the dungarees from?

  2. Sheinside. They are so awesome! Here is the link:
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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