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Saturday, 24 May 2014

It's half term OMG!

Guys, I'm so sorry for the lack of posting. I haven't posted since Tuesday and I'm super sorry. :( This week has just been busy (again) and there has been a lot of revising and typing and reading and.. ugh. But I'm here now! And guess what. It's half term! Which means I can make it up to by post more, It also  means more outfit posts. It's only a week though and the following week back is gonna be full test sooo... No post for you! Anyway... let's stay positive. So today's post will include something a little bit differnet.... I love Summer. We ALL know that. And since Summer is approaching quite quickly I want have more Summery ish kind of things on my blog (with tumblr as my inspiration) just because, you know, summer is AWESOME! So since me and you guys know I love Summer I thought I would do the "I love Summer tag". Are you ready?
I love Summer tag
1. What is the best part of summer time?
Hmm. I think the best part of Summer is the sun! The sun just gives you a reason to just let go, hang out with your friends and relax :) 
2. Do you tan or burn? 
Tan. I love it  because I can tan for like 20 minutes and get a noticeable tan!
3. Favourite summer nail polish
It's a tough one but It's going to have to be Avon's "Sea breeze" Nailwear Pro. I just love pastel shades, especially minty greens.
4. Favourite Summer drink? 
Shloer, no doubt about it!
5.  Favourite summer item of clothing?
I'm sorry but that is just to hard! I think I may have to give the prize to my Levi shorts because I just love them so much and I could just wear them every single day (okay well not everyday, I do live in England!) 

6. Favourite summer movie?
Of course it has to be: The kings of Summer. Epic movie and I luv it! 
7.  Favourite summer activity? 
It has to be going to the beach. Even though I don't go that much I still love. It means, since I don't go regularly I  can savor the moment! The best beach I have been to was the beach in Wales and it was just amazing and so pretty. Brighton is my beach though! I go there the most and I have a lot of memories on the beach & pier! I mean who doesn't like the beach? Even if you don't like the sea (if you don't your just a weirdo) there is so much to do. Like eating candyfloss and sugary donuts deep fried before your very eyes. YUM :P 
 8. Favourite lip product in the Summer? 
Baby lips. Hello, 8 hours of hydration!
  Do you love summer? 

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