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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Intu Bromely haul OMG!

Today I went shopping and let me tell you, it was great! Only went in three shops: Select, H&M and Primark. The majority of this haul will be from Primark because the majority of of the money was spent in Primark! I think you guys can tell from the cover this will be a good haul. I mean already you can see daisies, smart slogans and pastel colors. what else makes a good haul!? But guys I have some bad news. My outfit pics from my weekend trip last week didn't come out very well so there won't be any outfit post of that. I know, I know, blame the photographer (cough, cough my Dad) so sowwy guys. :( On a happier note you still have this haul post to keep you happy! Dare I say this haul may be better than the Westfield haul..... Are you ready for another Bromely haul?

I got these really cool leggings as a substitute for the amazing, super high-waist Primark jeans that I couldn't find today (I'm so upset about that!).
select, £8

First I got this really cute ring set :)
H&M, £2.99 
(Sorry didn't realize the pic is blurry!)
I got these amazing DAISY print (Yes, now I finally have something with daisies on!) leggins on sale. Yay me
H&M, WAS £7.99 Purchased £4
Another daisy print item (If you look closely!) 
H&M £4.99

Okay so I got another hoodie, oops!
Primark, £8

 For £1.50 who could put this back? I mean it's got a map on it!
Primark, £1.50

You always need a pair of socks XD
I haven't owned a belt for like 3-4 years! This two pack was perfect :)
Primark, £2

 when I saw this I cried with happiness (sorta..)Number one, It has daisies on it and Two, who wouldn't agree with that slogan!?
Primark, £6

 Yay, more socks!
Primark, £2

 Primark, £5

 Can't wait too style this out!
Primark, £5
 I just love this! I have been seeing these everywhere I now I have one. It's just really easy to put with everything and I love it. I actually was going to buy a navy one that had mickey on it and a pick of him playing baseball (I think..) but that was 8 quid. Where as this is:
Primark, £5

 Primark, £8

 I'm so happy with these. They're a perfect fit. I love the material (chiffon like), the pattern and the colours! I also like how the shorts are a nice length and the short part is elasticated which makes them super comfy :) I will definitaly be wearing this A LOT!
Primark, £9 (BARGAIN!)

 To finish I got this simple, V-neck tee :) 
Wordroble staple. 
Primark, £3


  1. Those rings look so adorable! And the daisy crop top looks soso cute-totally agree with the slogan (:

    Thrift Shop Blues

    1. Thank you! Once I saw the rings I couldn't put them back :3 Yeah, the slogan is awesome, just knew I had to get it!
      Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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