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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Halter tops OMG!

*Miss selfridge all £8
It's basically Summer. Which means bellies, legs and sometimes a bit of boobies (you do not know some of the things I have seen in the summer and wish I could forget!) are going to be out on parade. Yay (maybe not) ! But it gives you an excuse to find all of your old crop tees that have been hidden away in your wardrobe and slap em' back on again. Or you could just beg your parents for money and go shopping, the good old way. So we all love crop tops, even if you don't ALWAYS wear them. We all love the 90's, there is no doubt about that. If you disagree with both of those then you are weird and probably wont like halter top but if you DO then may I introduce you to: The Halter .
This is a love song, $135 
This is the halter top that made me discover my love with the halter tops. I just love the high neck and spaghetti strings/straps. This one is totally 90's, I mean just look at them sequins! Ah I just love it. 
Halter tops ( also know as box crops ) are just great. But don't worry if you not ready to be showing off that belly in Summer then I have found some normal length halter tees for you! Let me take you through the halters one has found. 
River island

 Both £12 from River island 

Forever 21 
£6/50, Forever 21

Forever 21, £6
Forever 21, £8 

Motel Rocks 

Motel rocks, £18 (For all)

 Er mah gawd guys, it's fluffy!
Motel @ ASOS, £28

Nasty Gal 
Nasty Gal, £34.44
I told ya there was a longer version! There are a lot of other long halter online but this was one that I really liked and would defo wear myself.
Nasty Gal, £22.57
What was your favourite halter? 

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