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Friday, 2 May 2014

Closed until Monday OMG!

Hi! So from the title you can probably guess it means I'm not going to be posting until Monday (late Monday too, sorry) because I am going camping! This means I won't be able to post because even though there is Internet, I don't think there will be enough time for me to write a post :( Don't worry though guys because I will have some wicked outfits from the weekend in a post next week! Maybe I could squeeze in some pics from where I'm staying in those post's too. I also need to write up the  haul post which I could do on Monday... I don't know, comment below on what post you would prefer for me to post Monday, outfit or haul?!?
Okay so it not really camping it's more like staying at a friends house (which happens to be in the country side) and staying in there Yurt in the garden. So yeah.I leave you know with some pics of a yurt and a little Motel rocks "If I had money" kinda list. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!
Here some pics of the yurt:
It's amazing! 
 Can't wait! Don't worry, I will still be on my social media site (especially Tumblr!) whilst on holiday :3
Motel Rocks wishlist (I'm doing a lot of those recently!)
Shorts: Motel, £45 
Dr.Martens @ Motel, £95
Motel, £45 
Motel, £45

Jacket: Motel, £55

Motel, £45
 Motel, £50 (Loving mesh at the moment)
Shorts: Motel, £35

Sorry again for not being able to post! *My face thinking about not being able to post*

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