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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Bella's photoshoot OMG!

Hello there! So today's post is slightly different.... It's another photo-shoot actually. You can check out the one of Amy here. I have got into photography recently and since I went to park that has such amazing scenery I thought I would be awesome for me to take some pics of ma cuz, Isabella. I also love her outfit as it reminds me of something I would were! Don't you think? I actually went to Dulwich park which is in London, they have some amazing lakes and trees and plants, so amazing. We found a really cool bridge so we decided to take some pictures there. It was only when she asked if I could take a pic of her near the bridge that we started are on little shoot. It was a bit awkward though because passers by were looking at like we were total weirdos.... I actually took the pictures with my cousins Iphone 5 and I'm really happy with the quality of the pictures. I even edited them on her phone too! Check out this pics below :) (I will include were her outfit is from and a lil song as always)

Jacket- Vintage 
Leggings- Matalan 
Socks- Primark
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins

Top- New look
Ahh, I'm in love with her hair guys! So what do you think? I love the pics and isn't the scenery just amazing!?
Disclosure ft Eliza Doolittle- You & Me


  1. Thanks so much for including me and what an amazing post. I had a great day. Hope to see you soon cuz and love ya loads. And I can proudly say You inspired my casual yet classy outfit that day. I mean I needed to dress to impress.

  2. Your welcome. Thank you :) Ahh thanks, haha. I really loved your outfit and would so wear like, any day! I especially love your shoes, I'm still on the hunt for flatform trainers....
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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