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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lewisham (miniature) haul OMG!

Just to let you know this is teenie weenie haul. I only had like £10 because I'm still recovering from Westfield! But it was a chance to see the girls and go to a Diner that Lily's Dads the head chef at. The milkshake I had was good, bit pricey but good. So I took back my Shorts because they were just to big so I got a really nice tee and some other stuff because the shorts gave me an extra £5.99. I really like the few things I got (and I mean a few) It was just so hard because there were a lot I wanted to buy but was too poor to! And Lily was there with her big bags.... But she missed out on the Westfield trip so I guess it's fair! :D

Firstly I got this ring from H&M for a sale price of £2 

I finally got my hands on a Cami top! I mean you know it's bad when your Mum get one before you....
The shame. But I have one now so it cooool. 

I brought an amazing MUA nailpolish, was I'm going to admit, I wasn't expecting it to be great. BUT It's amazing! It only needs 1 coat for a strong colour and It's the pastel colour I love! I was a bit concerned that because it was so cheap it was going to watery and thin (Not because MUA are rubbish but because it was so cheap!) , maybe gloopy but it's amazing and I recommend it! LUV it :3 
MUA @ Superdrugs, £1 
Told you it was a mini haul. 

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