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Monday, 21 April 2014

Flatform trainers OMG!

Hi guys! How was your Easter? I was quite lucky this year because I got 4 eggs. Wooo! I spent the day with the family watching Hop and eating my Easter roast (Well we have a roast every Sunday so it wasn't much different!) and finally getting to eat my choccy. Okay who here got the Lily O'Brien Orange chocolate egg? Because if you did you will understand that when I say it was the best egg I have ever had you know I'm not exaggerating! The chocolate was SOOO good. It like melted in your mouth and, ahh so good, don't even get me started on the chocolate truffles that came with it! But enough about chocolate, lets speak shoes. 
A flat shoe with a high, thick sole: a pair of tan flatforms [as modifier]: flatform shoes 
So now you know what flatforms are let me tell about my recent obsession with them! I think it was when I saw my cousin rocking them out over the weekend and it just rekindle my love with thick sole trainers. And now I really want a pair.Yet another thing that is going on my Birthday list! But guys I found an amazing pair from New look that just made me go crazy and started my search for more and more flatform trainers! If you know were to get cheap flatforms comment below girl!

I'm not loving the SUPER HIGH flatforms as they look, let's be honest, weird but I just really love the kinda Converse style flatforms out there.
So first I found these grey holographic ones for £28 at Schuh 
Then these awesome tropical pair also from Schuh
Schuh, £28 
Then these cute simple ones which are really nice and would go with most of your wardrobe. 
AX Paris, £12
Ahh, I love these ones! They are just perfect to wear to the beach because you could just slip them on and off. I think they're perfect because they are Snake skin, Practical and pastel!
River island, £24
Don't we all love Keds? 
Keds @ ASOS, £42 
Just look at them guys.... Look at them!!! All pink platform All stars... 
Converse @ Nasty Gal, £38.99 
(I really need to make a post about Converse SS14 range...)  
Aldo @ ASOS, £65 
Ebay, you never fail to surprise me. 
Ebay, £22.95
The ones you have been waiting for....
 Aren't they just perf? There are daisies on them. DAISIES! 
New look, £14.99 
 Last day of my holidays :( 

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