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Monday, 14 April 2014

Time to let out your inner hipster OMG!

It's that time of year again. Coachella, I mean festival time. Yeah, Coachella finished BUT there's still next weekend and then it's over.... Some day Chloe, you will get there, some day! But anyway since it's nearly Summer (OMG!) and btw it's really looking good for us Londoners this spring/summer, It's festival season which means..... FESTIVAL CLOTHES. The best clothes you can find and there everywhere. Yay. I mean I have never been to a festival but.... I can dress like I'm going to one and no one can stop me! But if you're lucky enough to be going to a festival(s) this year then, have you got an extra ticket? I kid. I kid. And if you're not (like me) going to a festival than you can still read on because fashion  doesn't get any better than what you are about to look at!
The image above is the fab Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella 2014. Also, did you know there is a festival called "EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT" Hah.

The parka 
A rainy day is guaranteed. Be prepared! 
Boohoo, £20
These are awesome because they're colourful and they remind me of the American Apparel rainbow jeans which actually sell for £78 which is pricey. So I think these babies are an alternative option because there 1, shorts and it WILL get hot (Please Summer, be nice this year) and 2, there cheaper guys! £61.75 cheaper, I'm no mathematician but that a big price difference! 
Forever 21, £16.75 

They go with the majority of what you have packed, probably,  AND there easy to slip on and off. 
Topshop, £38 

The maxi 
It says Summer! And maxis are so boho and chic :) 
AX Paris, £28 
Duffle bag 
To carry stuff around in, duh.
Jk, jk. They just look awesome! 
Asos, £32 
Okay so we have covered the basics. Lets just look at more festival inspired clothes. Pretty clothes!
Boohoo, £35 
River island, £12 

Top- Forever 21. £11.50 
Boohoo, £15 
It's snake skin, pastel and platform, is it not perfect?
River Island, £24 
Jacket- ASOS, £48 
 Forever 21, £16.75
Top- £11.50, Forever 21 
I just love them because they just scream fun! 
River island, £20 
ASOS, £25 
It wouldn't be a festival without one.... 
Crown and Glory Lost lanes, £20

So, have you packed yet? 

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