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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter sale OMG!

Woo! It's sale time again. They're the most wonderful times of the year! And it means awesome for less. Now I know sometimes when you go to a shop and there is a sale it's a bit disappointing because there sales just consist of Christmas jumpers and missing pieces of jewelry BUT I have managed to find some stuff in the sale which you could actually wear and still be on trend for this upcoming Summer. Yes, you read right! I have found some super awesome stuff that wont make you look like last years model. No more broken bag or winter clothes! It's time to shop in the sales like a pro! Speaking of shopping I found an amazing pair of overalls from the amazing Sheinside which I am totally buying. They're so cool and for a price like that PLUS free delivery It's practically made for me:
Tip 1,
Make sure you know what trends are in at the moment (yes, this may mean so research) so you know what to look for. In this case you would be looking for floral, pastel and maybe some holographic pieces for your wardrobe.
Tip 2, 
FIND GOOD PRICES! They have cheap prices everywhere you just have to look. 

Tip 3,
Try to go into the expensive shops first (e.g designers or high street brands such as Topshop) as you are bound to find a big save as things start off expensive but once there is a sale you get to buy them for SUPER CHEAP.
What I found.

This is the awesome kimono from the beginning of the post
Missguided. WAS £14.99 NOW: £9.99
 WAS £12.99 NOW: £7.49
WAS £12.99 NOW £8.99
Perf for s casual, sunny day :)
WAS £20 NOW £10 
 Was £14.99 NOW £11.99 
was £14.99 NOW £10.99
WAS £12.99 NOW £8.99 

Sorry I didn't have the before price (some of the items in this post also wont have a before price.)
Pastel, duh! 
You're thinking "Jumpers in Summer"? But if you're' asking that then, you do obviously not live in England babes!
American Apparel
(Tee) WAS £34 NOW £23 
WAS £50 NOW £35 
Nasty Gal
WAS £22.80 NOW £11.40
Was £28.90 NOW £14.40
WAS £30 NOW: £15
Forever 21
WAS, £18.75 NOW £11.99
(Shorts) WAS £14.99 NOW £9.99 
I need something holographic! 
WAS £10.50 NOW £6.99 
(Top) WAS £28 NOW £15.80 
Happy Easter eve guys!  :)

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