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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Westfield Wishlist #1 OMG!

As you know following Friday I'm going shopping with my friends in the best shopping centre known to women... Stratford Westfield! So as you can guess I'm getting super hyped up about it because I've saved up some cash and I'm seriously ready to shop till drop with my best buddies. I'm still not sure what outfit to wear as it has to be practical yet fabulous.... This because I will probably be trying on EVERYTHING! My mission is to get many things actually but I really want to get a Superdry tee as Superdry is my home girl. Here is my shopping list so far:
I know I'm gonna buy a lot more.... And I probably wont even get half of the stuff on the list! Anyway yesterday I was looking on the H&M website (as you do) and thought, hey since there's a massive H&M in Westfield why don't I do a wish list post? So here I am! OMG guys I found some quite amazing stuff so get ready....

First of is these Bandeau top in a 2-pack. I want some bandeau top so I can wear them underneath racer back vest and tee's so nothing shows and I just LOVE this pack. The neon yellow is perfect for Summer and isn't the black one totes me!? 
H&M, £6.99 

Jumper dresses.... I've wanted one for ages so I'm gonna get one! 
H&M, £12.99

You may be think, "gross Chloe!" But the dress sat better on the other model who wore this dress in black. I like it because it Plain & beautiful and there a little split at the side which is super snazzy XD 
H&M, £12.99

I really need a new swimsuit and this one is screaming Chloe! 
H&M, £14.99 

A bit of fun hey.. 
H&M, £7.99

Now, the price for this bag is very cheap for a big bag. I really love this bag because It just looks amazing and fun! It could carry a lot of things and It's perfect for shopping.  I think the black and gold is a classic flare to bag also making it wearable with EVERYTHING! 
H&M, £14.99  
Now this is just a maybe because I don't really need any side bags.. But If I see there's no telling what I might do... 
H&M, £12.99 

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