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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Westfield wishlist #2 OMG!

I'm back with another one! You are probably wondering why I am making such a BIG deal about it. Well because this is the shopping trip that will update my Now remember this is a wish list so obviously I won't be getting everything in this post (Boy I wish I could!). Especially since this is on for Topshop and Topshop is a lil pricey... Still fab though. So I found some really on-trend stuff. You know me guys I always want to find the cheapest stuff though! So even though I will probably only get 1 thing from Topshop if that atleast I can get loads in the dream world.....

The Mum jeans I was looking for... 
Topshop £40 

Another pair of jeans that aren't on my list but I still want anyway are these skinny jeans which are so perfect for Summer! I just love the pastel colours and flowers on denim is just, ah!
Topshop, £38

Topshop, £45
AMAZING for beach wear or with a casual outfit to look more fun :)

With my future high waisted-mum jeans this top will look awesome, better than the model!
Topshop £10

The a-line skirt may be pricey but It's still perfect!
Topshop, £38

Pineapple, pineapple pineapple PINEAPPLE!
Runner shorts with pineapples on, now I seen and want it all!
Topshop, £14

Can a girl not have two kimonos!? Well unless she ain't got da money.
Topshop, £48

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