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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Westfield haul OMG!

First off, Happy Mothers day! One of the biggest shopping trips of my life (so far), I mean It's better than Bluewater AND Lakeside shopping centre (I think that's in Essex) so that's saying something. We all literally shopped till we dropped as we didn't leave till 5:30 and we got there at about 10:15 (that like 7 hours of shopping) and I actually have blisters from holding so much stuff. I think it fair to say we all got LOADS of stuff and I'm happy to say I got nearly everything on my list (except four things) and a few extras as you do. So as you can probably tell shopping was a success :) Here are so funny stats from shopping:
We spent: 1hr 45m in: Primark
I spent: £24 in Primark
My friend spent like £42 in Primark
I went crazy in H&M
I brought I rubber that smells like sweets but looks like an ice lolly!
Now buckle up for the haul of your life (kinda)

First is:
These amazing acid-washed jeggings which I actually got instead of Mum jeans because there just fab and I have wanted jeans/jeggings like this for YONKS! 
New look, £14.99 

I really love this because 1, I love chains and 2, Its like two-in-one 
I like the neon pink chain as it just as a bit of fun to an outfit. 
H&M WAS: £9.99 
Purchased: £4 

I got these runner/cotton shorts from good ol' Primark! The neon yellow and grey is perfection! 
Primark, £3 

If it's pastel it's mine! 
Primark, £1 (includes case) 
Next is this cute pocket tee with a floral flare Lol
Primark, £6

Forever 21, £2

Who wouldn't buy this???!
H&M, £5.99

 I finally got my hands on some cheap jelly sandals :) 
Primark, £6 (BARGAIN)

The other thing I got from Forever 21 are these AMAZING grey jogger bottoms with zips. I actually love SOO much and there one of my fave things from the haul!

I found (and brought) this amazing crop top in a Shop called Select which I actually never heard but I'm glad I went in there because I LOVE IT! I got this tee because it would go perfect with my new jeans and 2 because it reminded me of the white crop top from Nicole X Missguided collection. Plus it just looks amazeboz ... 
Select, £8.99 

Now, I'm deciding on whether to return these because there a lil big..... 
H&M, £5.99 

My last H&M purchase was this grey maxi.. 
H&M, £7.99 

Primark, £8 (Super soft inside the hoodie) 

 *Soap & Glory from Boots, prices vary

 *Simple from Boots, prices vary
These are the stuff I got for my Mum this Mothers day as We couldn't find a single Yankee Candle at Westfield! She liked these prezzies though and they all smell lovely. 

Lastly from Westfield me and my friend had a quick (Well I say that but...)  look in Smiggle, an Australian brand which I had never had any stuff of but heard good things about. So finally when they reached the UK I thought it would be stupid to buy from them! 
I brought this Erasable pen for £1.50 
Lollipop rubber (scented), £0.70
So that's all of it! All of the lovely things I brought, and this time I actually bought stuff I need (well the majority of stuff...) 


  1. Wow Chloe, u got heaps of stuff! U are my kinda girl!

  2. I know, hah XD I luuuuvvv all the stuff!


Thanks bruh... XD

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