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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spring time is the best time OMG!

March is upon us! Spring is upon us! And these weekend, in London it will be hotter than Greece! Can't you see the sun is coming out??? Sorry if it isn't near you though :( But if it is than keep on reading because I have some on trend, Spring outfits that everyone can rock out. From Nike roshe run's (the black Nike shoes above) flower crowns (duh!) A weeks worth of outfits just for you! I just can't wait for Summer time either! Have you seen River islands spring range?! I am just really excited about whipping out my Kimono (I will have one by then...) and my flower sunglasses and chilling with my BF's and the beach. Wooo! But for now lets focus on the wonders of spring. Yeah it rains sometimes but yeah the flowers grow, and yeah it may be windy but ray of sunshine are bound to shine through! And it  gets hotter so you know, that's a bonus

 Outfit no.1 Night out
Ibiza trip anyone? 
Outfit no.2: Pink is THE colour...
I really want those Pink Nike air maxes at the moment! Like seriously :D 

Outfit no.3 Floral shift
I'm on the look out for a shift dress.... 
Outfit no.4

Top- £16
Outfit no. 5 
Outfit no.6 
Outfit no.7 (Last outfit of the week) 
Sunday are lie in days guys... 

                                                                  HAPPY SPRING! 

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