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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Slogan + definition tee's OMG!

H&M, £9.99
Slogan tee's. Whoever made the first one is actually a saint! I just love them so much. I have had some in my time and I a currently on two both from the creator of the best, H&M. Of course that is my "Whatever" jumper and my amazing floral top with some French on which will be included in my next Outfit post. I love them loads and they just make an outfit 10X better. I heard that in the amazing Japan they have top that have random English words on that most people don't even know what means! That's quite funny. I have great selection of tops that you will LOVE. *WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SELFIE TOPS AND UNKNOWN WORDS*

Ark, £14.99 (Number tops are also really in for this Spring)
I love the caption "Since before you were born" love it! 
River island, £15.99
This would look great with some funky leggings, black leather jacket and some black chunky heels 
River island, £15.99 
Ark, £14.99 
Need this in my life guys! Well I know some one who needs it actually....
 Persun, £11.29 
New look, £12.99 (Dark florals, gorge) 
Galaxy it a Must have (for a wanna be hipster) 

New look, £12.99 
I don't actually know what this says.....Tehe
H&M, £6.99 
H&M, £9.99 

And lastly something I'm still begging for my Mum to buy because I'm a bit tight at the moment.... 
New look, £7.99 

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