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Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscars: Selfies, red dresses and Bro's OMG!

It's that time of year again people. It's Oscar time again! I back with my best and worst dress and a few burns to go with it! Okay not to mean this time.... Are you ready for like the ultimate Oscar post you will find on the Internet? Trust me there is no better out there! The Oscars was filled with a lot of selfies and some amazing dresses. I would like to forget the not so great ones but I can't. How i wish I can... This year there were a lot of amazing dress so it was quite hard picking the best one from last night! Surprisingly it wasn't hard to find the worst dress though...


Best dresses 
I know it's best till last but lets start with some good stuff first! 
Sarah Hyland looks amazing in this peach dress, right? This really compliments her figure and she look amazing!
AMAZING! Just drop dead gorgeous dress.I love it! 
Wild child actress looks great in this LBD. Her hair, slit back really looks great and makes the outfit even more elegant. Amazing! 
This is another black dress I'm IN LOVE with! I love the mesh near the hem, it's just beauts
Zooey Deschanel look FAB in this cream number!
Lets end our Good dresses with 'Katniss Everdeens' amazing red dress. Isn't it lush? She looks great and even though I still think she looks nicer with long locks she looked lush at the Oscars yesterday.
Worst dresses
uh oh...
This is just hideous. The train really ruins the dress and if it didn't have it the dress would actually be okay. 
Lia no, no, no, on!
Even the lady in the background is like "What are you wearing???" It just reminds me of a really bad beach kimono thing, I don't know why!
and lastly.... 
Weren't not at the beach babes! And even if we were... 
Awards for the:
Best and worst dress 
goes to... 
Kayley Cuoco (Best dress) 
Heidi Klum (Worst dress) 

And I will leave you with that! 

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