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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mums love candles OMG!

So if you're complete weirdo and does not know that Mother day is this Sunday then your wierd and your welcome for me reminding you! There is no Mummy like your Mummy is there? Which is why this Mothering Sunday you should treat to a Yankee Candle Jar candle. Is there a better present you could give her? Me thinks not! Yankee candles are just amazing and there scents vary from the tropical ocean to Strawberry butter cream (Don't forget there lovely "Baby powder" scent!). You would be a fool to not get one for your Mummy. And if you're on a bit of a budget this year round (aren't we all) then why not just get a small jar candle? The Yankee Jar candles come in sizes Small (104g), Medium (411g) and Large that a whopping 623g but selling a £19.99 which, personally I would never spend on a candle.
So if you want to treat your mum (or yourself!) to a yankee candle this Mummy day then read a head!

Well I'm sorted with my Mums prezzie as she asked for the 
"Clean cotton" Yankee candle

This just looks really pretty... 
Scent: Turquoise Sky 
£8.39 (Price for all small jars) 

Scent: Sweet Strawberry 

Ooooh wouldn't mind trying this! 
Scent: Vanilla Cupcake 

Yum... I mean um... 
Scent: Sparkling Cinnamon 

I need to get me some of that XD 
Scent: Strawberry buttercream 
*All the scents in this post are available in a Medium and Large

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