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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Maybe I'm too excited OMG!

Image taken from Boohoo
Maybe it's because it was actually hot on the weekend. Or because It's been sunny ALL week (It's got to the point where I'm bringing sunglasses to school!) but whatever it it's I'm starting to look at the holiday section of online stores. I know Chloe, calm down! But you don't know what it's like to live in s country where like the weather is just "Uggh". Do you huh?! In fact I will be doing a MASSIVE (hopefully) haul post in about a weeks time because I'm going to WESTFIELD! Yep, get jel XD

Me and my crew are going early morning saturday and I'm super excited because I need to update my wardrobe. Not to mention the 337 stores it contains! That included Forever 21, Hollister, Schuh, a massive H&M, Superdrug (we all love superdrug) and many more (duh). So if you know your Westfields apart you will know that were all going to the one in Stratford because, in our opinion it's better. This is just because me and my friends don't shop in Dior and Prada.... (Don't blame us, were all poor!). Still great though, the love it there. Anyway as an English girl AND Londoner I don't really see that much great weather so just let me get excited, okay!

Boohoo, £10 

Fashion union, £22 (Shorts) 

River island, £42

I really want to buy a proper kimono like this...
Well Westfield awaits! 
Forever 21, £22

Okay maybe i should just calm down a lil....
Pacha @ River islands, £30

You may have seen this a couple weeks ago in the CHFIOTW (Cool high street fashion Item of the week) but Isn't it just to lovely to not feature in a post??? I need this perspex beach tote in my life! 
Superdry, £27.99 

Hidden fashion, £4.99 

Fashion Union, £22 (Shorts) 

Boohoo, £12 (Skirt) 
So am I too excited about Summer? 

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