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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Holographic Nike's OMG!

What have I become? I haven't posted in 5 DAYS! Deepest apologies my fashionistas. I just I have had to do so many essays its UN real.... Seriously! I even have a essay to write for Music, yes music! Anyway enough of school and work lets talk about shoes. Yes shoes, a girls best friend. Forget diamonds! Have you seen Office's new collection of Nike air max. OMG it's like heaven! But I did also find some other Air maxes from Amazon which are just gorge :D
These are these shoes I'm talking about...
Aren't they amazeboz! 
Nike air max 1 @ Office, £100 

Nike air max 1 @ Office, £125

Bright and bold, perfect for Spring! Nike air max 1 @ Amazon, £100 
Nike air max 90 @ amazon, £125 
  Nike air max 1 @ Office, £96.99 
I really want Nike air maxes with an animal print on them so for £60 at amazon who could disgagree 
Nike air max 95 @ Amazon was £83 NOW £45 
Now I did you to think the Nike air max 95's were just for men and I didn't really have that much love or attention for them but I actually really like this pair and they just scream fun!
Nike air max 1 @ Office, £94.99 
Nike air Safari, £69.99 
This defo satisfied me. Did it satisfy your Nike needs?


  1. Super cool. Want those with the animal print now!

    - Dani

  2. I know right! Yeah me too. :)
    Chloe x x


Thanks bruh... XD

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