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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shoe addict OMG!

It's not surprising that I'm a diagnosed shoe addict, nor that I'm a shopaholic with the Mum I have. She has passed on her shoe loving genes to me and I have yet to come the being obsessed with bags phase. I do love you though Mummy, If your reading! There are just to many thing I want in this world guys, to much! That includeds the jelly shoes above (super lush) which are to die for. I'm super jealous of The girl with the burgundy converse (TGWTBC) and her shoe collection. I mean for fashion's sake she has 4 pair's of Dr. Martens, not to mention her Wonder women Converse (And other shoes), so lucky! So I just want to re-vamp my shoe collection, you know? Add a couple pairs of shoes to my wardrobe, but I just can't justify some of the money I would have to spend on them! But alas I can still want them anyway. Like these fabulous shoes below
Firs off are these amazing sandals from Ark
The lovely people at Ark are giving my £35 to spend at the place so I might just have to buy these bad boys: Ark, £34.99
These are sold out at JD but How I wish they were mine!
 Timberlands are what i need! Timberland, £160
I have wanted some Nike free runs for quite some time now and these pastel ones are right on trend! 
JD, £70
Apparently Jelly shoes are the comfiest shoes EVER! I wouldn't mind trying them out.. 
River island, £25
 These are another piece of jelly I would like to own! (Same shoes as the header image) 
Urban Outfitters, £65
......Fabulous, Boohoo, £35
This could tots grunge up any outfit. AX Paris, £12
Probably the one I would least likely be able to wear, only because heels are scary! 
Office, £85
It's metallic, I like.... WAS £65 NOW £44, Size?

Pastel. Hello? River island, £25 I NEED THESE 
boohoo, £35 

I seriously have a problem....
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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