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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sequins + chunky heels OMG!

Believe it or not sparkles are in for Summer. Yep! It's seem tartan don't want to leave us just yet but that a whole other post. I have always liked sparkles because, can you REALLY can't say no to them! There just like perfection..... Love em'. But then there's chunky sole shoes. Oh my gosh, I swear they were sent from heaven <3 There just sooo beauts its un real! There the best kinda shoes really. So again this is a trend update for you guys so you get to look amazing (on trend) for SS14!

Lets start with some sparkle, ey?
wow// ASOS, £95
ASOS, £45 
Topshop, £65
This amazing midi skirt was £70 but now £15 (I wanna buy it but I'm saving up for a HUGE spree)
I have seen it on people (Well via the internet...) and it's just amazing.

Schuh have a really good SS14 collection so you will some more Schuh stuff on this blog (Defo in the post). 
Also fun fact, I have been pronouncing the shop wrong this whole time! It's actually pronounced 'Shoe' tehe. Oops.... Schuh, £45
Told ya! LUV em' Schuh, £65 
I Just love these. Aren't they just amazing?????? Missguided, you never fail to please me! 
Missguided, £29.99
Topshop, £42 
Sandals= Summer
Topshop, £55

Schuh have popped up again! :D 
Schuh, £65

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