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Friday, 28 February 2014


Before I start I would just like to tell you guys that today Another kinda fashion blog will be turning 1! Whoop hoop. I can't believe how far I have come and I have no regrets! It''s very hard being a teen blogger, balancing, social life, school work, homework AND a blog. I thank all of the companies I have worked with for thinking I was great enough to work with. To Mprint swimwear for being the first company I featured. They were lovely. Trust me, I'm not forgetting all of the companies along the way! KITTY FERREIRA, Shopcade, Cotton & Gems, Watch hut gallery and many more! Love them all. But it all comes down to my readers, you guys. Where would I be without you lot, hey? You guys are the best and I'm glad you loved every post i have done. And for you guys that have been following from the start and seen how MUCH this blog has changed, thanks for staying put! You shared some of my happiest memories like my Birthday and Christmas (don't forget Easter and Hallowean) and through the hauls, ridiculous outfit post and all the stuff in between. Just remember your my boo! tehe.
 Make sure you keep on reading this blog and I thank you so much for loving it. Happy BDAY Another kinda fashion blog!

You could call this yet another trend update. It's not meant to be but okay! I am just here to express my love for pink boyfriend coats. Which are tots in right now so that helps! Pastels are like the best colors and pink is in my top 5 list of colors so those are a bonus. Plus there look so warm and soft so that's why I really want one! There fabulous and I hear  Lily from The girl with the burgundy Converse is gonna be getting that pink one from a previous post of mine (Click). Can't wait to see her in that. I wanna see it on me actually! So please click this post if you want to feast your eyes upon Pink coats for delicious prices... 
Now repeat after me: I need a pink coat! 
River island, £70 

Asos, £85 
Topshop, £75
Asos, £110
Topshop @ Ebay, £65 

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