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Friday, 21 February 2014

Mostly Primark haul OMG!

Yes, I'm back with another haul post! I mean it is the half-term after all. Most of the things are from Primark because we all need a bit of a Primark spree once and a while. I really stocked up for spring (I'm so excited!) with getting the latest trend tees! Dark florals and slogan tee's are really popular for the Spring and I tell ya Primark have a good range of them. Now I did find a My little pony top. Yes I know how awesome! Designed just for me! But I'm sad to say I actually didn't get it. I know, I know. I just saw a better tee that I thought I would suit better as I did think the My little pony top looked a bit to small and that was the only one I saw in the shop. Trust me though guys I got some good stuff...

 First off is this plain black tee from Primarks essential range as we all need a LBT 
Primark, £3
We all need a plain midi in our lives so my Mum grabbed me this one. 
Primark, £4
Yes, I got THAT bag! Woooo! I got my hands on a My little pony thing. It's just got the same print on the back and front on a canvas material.This was bargain selling at: 
Primark, £2
Must I say anything? It's A jumper that says "Like a boss" so I had to get it! 
Solo (Lil boutique in Peckham)- £5.99 
Just some black tights.... 
Primark, £2
Dorothy perkins, WAS £6 NOW £3

Lastly is this really cute floral tee. It's like a kinda Boyfriend tee with repeative pics of swans and blossoms. And for only £6 who wouldn't put this in there little mesh basket. 
It's really weird how much my style has changed and where I buy all of my clothes from. I mean I was looking back at some of my old post and I saw this: 
"I don't really go in the direction of Nike shoes" Look at me now! I'm all about them Air maxes and Jordans. Now I admit I really used to hate getting stuff from Primark unless it was the odd pair of socks or slip on shoes for a costume. I think it's because I never really liked there kid section 9I'm talking about 4/5 years back!) and there quality of there clothes wasn't great. But now I think there clothes are on trend, better quality and are still quite cheap so, Go Primark! Rock on. 

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