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Monday, 10 February 2014

Internet haul OMG!

Guess who went shopping again? And guess who brought a lot or stuff? It is of course, your fav blogger, AKFB. But please can you really trust me with a debit card?! I don't think I spent that much but lest just wait for the bank statement.... I took this time to check out the shops sale that normally, I wouldn't be able to shop in #BudgetLife and found some great things. I checked out all the fab stores like Motel rocks, ASOS, Pretty little thing and more! And furthermore I purchased my first Mi Pac (my schools full of them) and a Lazy oaf item. I know, get me! I think this is defo one of my favourite hauls and hope you fall in love with the new items of my wardrobe

First of is...
This really awesome Motel rocks dress (Link for dress unavailable as I grabbed the last one!) was only £12 in the sale. Don't you just love it ?I can just imagine me with my Nike Blazers, that tunic and a pair of black leggings; hawt alert! 
Motel rocks, £12

Oooh check out my selfie! These were just a must guys! and at the price of £5 who wouldn't by these flower sunglasses? 

Another pretty little thing item is the ombre maxi dress perfect for those (future) walks on the beach... 

One of my favourite things in from this haul are these amazing dungarees. I brought them with a voucher the lovely Shopcade gave me ages ago but I forgot about so, thanks Shopcade! 
ASOS, £8 WAS £25

The next item from my haul is this lovely, off the shoulder denim shirt. I was a bit disappointed as the website made the shirt look like a lovely, light blue and acid washed shirt but this came in grey colour. Still happy though :) 

Another grey and grunge item from my haul are these awesome, ripped shorts from Daisy street! 

Yed guys, I done it! I got something from Lazy oaf before June or whatever! And you will NEVER guess how much I payed for these babies on sale. Okay get ready.... 
If you wanted to buy these they have now gone up to £15 which is still an amazeboz bargain.

I am so happy with the purchase of my Mi Pac. I love it to bits! Its the best colour ever, pastel purple and the flowers make it so much better! 
And finally some non- Internet purchases are: 
My mum got me these from Primark for £3 in the sale. She has brown ones and my Nan has black ones! It's a generation of boots. There actually fully lined with fur which is surprising for a Primark purchase. These are more slippers than for when I actually go out. 
Last item of my haul is this lovely charm bracelet from Primark which I don't know the price of (soz!)
Okay you got me, My name starts with a "C". Yeah my name kinda isn't Penelope guys.....
hope you liked x x
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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