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Sunday, 16 February 2014

DS boyfriend coats OMG!

Have you guys seen Daisy Streets range of Boyfriend coats? Please don't tell me you haven't! What kinda fashion girls are you then? There are totally fab and are really bold for this spring. Now, I know what your thinking; why would you wear woolly, thick coats in Spring? Well I shall tell you why! Because It's England and in England the weather is crap. It normally doesn't get really nice and warm (I'm talking 24 degrees) until mid-June until around the beginning of September. That means It's ALWAYS either raining or super cold. I know what kinda place do I live in!? Don't get me wrong it can be quite warm in May (just a lil...) but It's a long time from February to May (ugh) So I'm getting those coats on! I still haven't got myself a BJ (Boyfriend Jacket) but I will, someday..... (Omg I really need to stop being so dramatic!)
Was £39.99 NOW £16.99 
*All from Daisy Street*

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