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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Do I need anymore shoes OMG?

No, these aren't shoes I just added to my shoe collection (I shall be doing a post about that!). In fact this post isn't about any Nike shoes let alone Nike Air Forces! This post is about the shoes I'm loving the most at the moment. Dr.Martens. I always wanted a pair but now I'm really craving these thick soled boots. Especially after I saw one of my best buddies, Tallulah (Also great lifestyle blogger: wearing her AMAZING Serena Dr.Martens. I think out of all the Dr. Martens there one I want to get because shoes that are too fun means you have to wear dull clothes and, um have you seen my wardrobe! I know Tallys Dm's are lined with white fur but the same shoe can also be lined with Burgundy fur which I prefer. Dr. Martens are meant to be super comfy once you break into them so I think there defo worth the cash. But I would prefer to buy them on sale.... 

Ah, these are the "Serena" boots I'm talking about. Perfect for any day. Simple and fabulous. 
Dr.Martens, £120 Also in White. Super lush but, Chloe how long would they REALLY last?

Sweet and pretty. Dr.Martens, £110 
Iv'e been on the look out for Chelsea boots recently (Gosh, I want every type of shoe don't I!?) So these might be the ones for me... 
Dr.Martens, WAS £100 NOW £70 
I would love to get these but.. I'm scared I would look to much like a punk in them! What do you think?????
Dr.Martens, £120

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