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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ark Jumpsuits, playsuits and pinafore OMG!

Ark, £5 (sale price)
Don't you just love this beanie? I think I might buy it, I mean I HAVE to! So the fabulous people down at Ark (who are now readers of this blog) make these amazing playsuits/jumpsuits and Pinafores. So of course I said i had to post about ti since I really love Ark, there just amazing! If you haven't heard of Ark (shame on you!) it is a trendy shop (kinda like ASOS) that sell there own brand items as well as loveable brands such as Lavish Alice, Mi-Pac, Motel Rocks and AX Paris, the list goes on guys! I seriously love them as I don't think there over-priced and there stuff is just amazing. 
I found some lush play suits/jumpsuit/whatever you guys call them and a SUPER LUSH pinafore! Also guys do we know the deal about spring trends? Okay so basically it goes: Pastels, Ripped jeans, Mum/Boyfriend jeans, Flowers, Shift dresses and metallic stuff; not to mention cut-out shoulders on tee's. Okay don't worry if that a bit much to handle I will do an update post about the trends :P Now for some Ark

First off is this Lavish Alice, pastel blue play suit at Ark for £43.99 
This floral number is perfect spring trend. Hearts & Bows @ Ark, £29.99 
Ark, £26.99 
loving this velvet pinafore! Ark, £22.99
Finally my fav piece.... 
Ark, £26.99
There is AKFB'S top fashion jumpsuit and stuff cut
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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