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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Super sparkle nails OMG!

I don't really do nail post's that much so I thought since I got a nail quite as a belated Xmas prezzies (ooh I must show you guys some over things I got for Christmas!) and I REALLY wanted to try it out I thought I would share my experience with you guys. So I got this sparkle nails kit about a week ago and still hadn't tried it out! And it look utterly AMAZEBOZ so I couldn't just leave it out to collect dust for another 3 years or so in the bathroom. So as a bit of a stress reliever (and opportunity to use one of my new nail polishes I got for Xmas) from my boring case study for PSE due in tomorrow, uggh I thought I would try it out. This "Super sparkly nails" can be done with any nail glitter you may have at home or even normal glitter, some nail polish for the base colour and a top coat nail polish (transparent). So lets get sparkling girlie's!

What to use
Firstly I am using the glitter and top coat nail polish from the "Academy of Colour sequin rock" nail set that includes:
Mini brush (Not really sure what this is used for...) 
Two nail polishes. Silver to be used as the bottom colour and the transparent one to be used as a top coat.
and two pots of nail glitter. 

Step 1
 Get your base colour and apply to your nail. Add 1-2 coats and leave to dry for about 2 minutes or till it dries. I'm using the Miss sporty "Oh my Gem" nail polish, £1.99 (Superdrug) as a base coat for the super sparkly effect! 
So here are my nails with the base coat. I really love this Miss sporty nail polish because normally nail polishes with Glitter in are just transparent and only leave a few specks of glitter on your nail but this Oh my Gem range has the colour of the glitter (In this case red) with darker shade of red bit of glitter. Overall a 8/10 for this nail polish (and the Bronze shade)
Step 2
Pick your colour of glitter and take of the lid. Then apply another two coat of your base colour and dip, while still wet your finger nail into the glitter. Make sure every part of the nail gets covered in glitter by twirling around your nail in the glitter. After that blow off the excess bit of glitter on your finger and leave to dry for about 5-10 minutes (Its say 15-20 on the box but 5-10 minutes is fine!) 
Step 3
Get your top coat nail polish and put about 2-3 layers of it on each nail. Then leave for about 10 minutes for it to dry so you have a strong hold. 
The top coat also gives your nails an EXTRA sparkle and healthy shine! 

Step 4
Check out your nails, takes pics and post on the inter web; may it be Tumblr or Instagram!

Wow that ACTUALLY turned out alright. Mission accomplished!
From Another kinda sparkly blogger x


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Thanks bruh... XD

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