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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Lazy Oaf OMG!

Looney toons @ Lazy Oaf, £155 
I swear I had never heard of Lazy oaf until yesterday! I know right, I was practically living in a box my whole life. I was blind, but now I can see the light of LO guiding me..... Okay a BIT  dramatic there akfb! But there seriously amaze balls! Yeah I said! I just love them, there brand has everything a fashion label should have: Good content, unique-ness and quality. Does Lazy Oaf lack any of those? No they don't Mr! Thats why I want at least one thing from there before July this year! (Hehe only so I can beg for some lazy oaf stuff for my bday and if that fails save up). So Lazy Oaf people, if your reading this: I LOVE YOU enough for you to give me a free sample! Ha keep dreaming another kinda fashion blogger.... 

Lazy Oaf, £65
Was £65 Now £30, Lazy Oaf (For some reason I'm really in to leopard at the moment!) 
Lazy Oaf, Was £65 Now £31.50
Looney Toons, £70
Very vintage huh ladies? Lazy Oaf, Was £70 Now £40
Lazy Oaf @ ASOS, £60
Lazy Oaf, £65
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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