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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

If I had money OMG!

It seems like I'm always going on about how I'm broke at the moment. Which means there should be no excuse for you not knowing! So above is the things I would by if I had about 300-400 quid just, you know lying around.... I mean I was practically crying last night when I couldn't find £10 I lost!

3. Leopard and me have a special kinda love... Topshop, £
9. Sold out from Topshop and I'm angry
Guys I was only devastated about the £10 because it meant I couldn't get the lush skirt I wanted from Lavish Alice:
Lavish Alice, Was £32 NOW £8
I know, I know. I bet your crying too! But lets just say there will be some special post marked with a asterisk in front (yeah you know what I'm saying...). 
From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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